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    Top of the Line Industrial Supplies &

    your Milwaukee? Local Authorized Dealer

    Hardware supplies


    Electric Motor repairs


    Power tools and small construction rental equipment

    Rental Equipment

    One-Stop Hardware & Motor Shop

    Trusted for More than 40 Years

    CEM Supply is your local Do it Best hardware store and Milwaukee? Local Authorized Dealer. Offering electric motor repairs, equipment rentals, and hardware, we take pride in all we do. From high-quality products to value-added mechanical service, we can help you solve your industrial, agricultural, or commercial problem. You'll appreciate our attention to detail, customer service, and in-house warranties on all our services as well as our family-focused mentality that comes from two generations of business. Whether you need a simple repair, operation supplies, or you need to rent a welding machine, CEM Supply is here for you. We do it all under one roof. Stop by today to check out our extensive stock, get expert advice, and enjoy our exceptional customer service.

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